6 Simple Tips for the Maintenance of Your VR Headset

Like the other headsets, your VR headset is prone to sweat, dust, and other substances on a regular basis. These substances can damage the hardware if they’re allowed to accumulate over a certain period. Cleaning and maintenance of your VR headset, therefore, becomes extremely necessary. For those who use VR headsets for giving demonstrations and … Read more

How Virtual Reality Can Enhance Online Slot Games

More than 20 years have passed since the release of the blockbuster movie, The Matrix. The film talks about a dystopian future where humans are living in a simulated reality. This world is created by super-intelligent machines. The humans are unknowingly trapped inside this simulated environment called ‘The Matrix’. While they live in this digital … Read more

6 Facts About Virtual Reality That Would Surprise You

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated environment created for entertainment, education, and several other purposes. It involves the use of VR headsets that generate realistic images and sounds. The combination of such sensations gives individuals wearing these headsets the feeling of being inside the projected virtual environment. They can move their heads and experience these … Read more

The Near Future That Virtual Reality Holds for Humans

Today, there are millions of individuals using virtual reality (VR) in some form or the other. In recent times, this technology is already in use for entertainment, healthcare, education, and several other industries. This would only grow in the years to come. In the near future, you’ll have more realistic graphics, advanced VR headsets, and … Read more

4 Best Headsets Worth Buying for VR Gaming

There’s no denying that VR gaming has been growing over the past few years. As this technology advances further, you’ll see the launch of several gadgets and accessories associated with it. Today, you’ll find more options in VR headsets for an exciting gaming experience. They range from affordable models to high-end ones to suit varying … Read more