Primordia available for Pre-order and 10% off

Developed by Wormwood Studios, in collaboration with Wadjet Eye Games, Primordia is a new adventure game coming December 5th to PC.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist, this wasteland is inhabited by robots and machinery. “Primordia … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Primordia

Primordia is a new adventure game set in a dystopian futuristic setting on a world that is inhabited by robots.  Developed by Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios, Primordia appears to have all the makings of an instant point-and-click classic. … Continue reading

Resonance – Review

Resonance developed by XII Games and Wadjet Eye Games This is the first game I’ve played by Xii Games but also the seventh title I’ve played with the Wadjet Eye Games logo on it.  What does that mean to this … Continue reading

Resonance Demo Available Now

Wadjet Eye Games latest adventure game, Resonance, is set for release on June 19th and you now have the option to try the game out a week before the full game debuts.  This latest adventure offers mystery, conspiracy, drama, and … Continue reading

Indie Adventure Game ‘Resonance’ Coming June 19th!

Lots of good news lately when it comes to new releases.  In fact, when it comes to Adventure games they’ve made a resurgence over the course of only a few years.  More specifically the point and click adventure game was … Continue reading

Blackwell Deception coming soon to a PC near you!

Wadjet Eye Games should be a familiar name to indie and adventure game players.  They’re the ones behind those great retro style point-and-click adventures such as The Shivah, The Blackwell Series, Puzzle Bots, and Gemini Rue. The fourth installment of … Continue reading