A Valley Without Wind 2 – Now available!

Developed by Arcen Games, A Valley Without Wind was originally released in the Spring of 2012 to somewhat mixed reviews.  The game had an interesting story, but some people didn’t like the graphics and the looseness of it’s procedurally generated … Continue reading

Real-Time Strategy ‘Desert Stormfront’ now available

Developed by Noble Master Games, Desert Stormfront, the spiritual successor to Tropical Stormfront, has recently been released.  If you’re a fan of modern day RTS games such as Command & Conquer, then you’ll want to check out Desert Stormfront.  This … Continue reading

Competitive Real-Time Strategy ‘Tryst’ Available on Steam this Friday, Sept. 14th

Developed by BlueGiant Interactive, Tryst plays much like your average RTS but comes with unique gameplay elements that make for an uncommonly fun change up to the way traditional RTSes are played. Where Tryst separates itself from others in the … Continue reading

Guns of Icarus Online – Pre-Order on Steam for 25% Off!

Set in a Steampunk universe, Guns of Icarus Online is a team-based online multiplayer airship combat game that blends first person shooting with strategy and time-management elements.  Set to release on September 30th, 2012.  Guns of Icarus Online is looking … Continue reading