Democracy 3: The ultimate political strategy game is now in beta with pre-orders!

Think you have what it takes to become a political powerhouse?  Can you resonate enough with the general public and the values they hold?  Can you create a booming economy, or risk driving it into the ground?  Will you secure … Continue reading

Preview: Redshirt – or – How to enjoy Social Networking without joining Facebook!

I’ll start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining I found Redshirt and it’s life-sim style gameplay to be.  Published by popular indie game developer Cliff Harris and his one man indie game studio Positech Games, I … Continue reading

Redshirt – the sci-fi-comedy-life-sim is now available for pre-order and beta!

Developed by The Tiniest Shark and published by fellow indie studio Positech Games, Redshirt is a new comedy life-sim set in the future, which is all about mingling, schmoozing, and networking with fellow crew members aboard a busy space station … Continue reading

Raising awareness through Gameplay: iBeg and it’s Kickstarter project

I appreciate developers who try to create awareness by using games as a medium to reach broader audiences.  One such indie development studio, Last Pick Productions, has set out to create an RPG styled game that simulates the life of … Continue reading

Democracy 2 – Now on Steam

Continuing the trend of ‘What’s old is now new again’, Positech Games has finally been able to release Democracy 2 on Steam.  You’ve probably heard of Positech Games because they are behind popular indie titles such as Gratuitous Space Battles, … Continue reading