Teslagrad public demo released today!

Alright, sold!  The Rain Games team has released the first public demo of Teslagrad today and all I can say is it’s awesome!  Teslagrad is a 2D Puzzle-Platformer that revolves around the use of magnetism and electricity.  That last sentence … Continue reading

ADDICT – The Indie Platforming / Horror game now available

Have you been itching for another 2d side-scrolling horror game?  Sure, these types of horror games are few and far between, but they’re still being churned out by passionate and persistent indie developers.  ADDICT developed by Jenito Games is a … Continue reading

Kickstarter Project: Empire Eden

Ohhhh baby.  Imagine if you will, a hybrid game world of Metal Slug, Contra, Gunstar Heroes, and Turrican.  Now imagine all of those combined and then being merged with games such as Ninja Gaiden, Cave Story, Heart of Darkness, Metroid, … Continue reading

The Great Giana Sisters – Kickstarter Revival

Ever heard of The Great Giana Sisters?  Me either.  Apparently this obscure little title posed as a threat to Nintendo’s Mario franchise 25 years ago, hence Nintendo dropping the title from it’s 8-bit library.  Perhaps it was also dropped because … Continue reading

Procedurally-generated dungeon game ‘Wazhack’ now available!

Wazhack is a 2D side-scrolling roguelike that has just been released on Desura.  It’s actually a side-scrolling exploratory, action / rpg, and roguelike.  This clever game has some interesting mechanics that give it some terrific “pick-up-and-play” quality.  Wazhack reminds me … Continue reading