Driftmoon – Official Release Date Announced!

If you’ve been following the development of Driftmoon and eagerly awaiting the full release as much as I have, then I have some great news!  The wait is nearly over and after almost 3 years of development, Driftmoon developer Instant … Continue reading

Raising awareness through Gameplay: iBeg and it’s Kickstarter project

I appreciate developers who try to create awareness by using games as a medium to reach broader audiences.  One such indie development studio, Last Pick Productions, has set out to create an RPG styled game that simulates the life of … Continue reading

Nethergate: Resurrection now on Steam

Ready for more classic Role-Playing goodness from the developer of Avadon: The Black Fortress and Avernume: Escape From The Pit?  Spiderweb Software has been able to release one of their early cRPG’s on Steam.  Nethergate: Resurrection is everything you’d expect … Continue reading