Kickstarter: Data Hacker: Corruption – an RPG with dark narratives and a dual-plot

Developed by Studio 69, Data Hacker: Corruption is a sequel to the successfully funded cult hit Data Hacker: Initiation.  Now veterans of Kickstarter campaigning, Studio 69 has already succeeded at Kickstarting 3 of their games – Data Hacker: Initiation, Fantasyche: … Continue reading

Driftmoon – Review

Driftmoon developed by Instant Kingdom Alright, so you bought yourself Diablo 3, yearning for another adventure through Tristram.  You played some of the game, hesitantly accepted the technical problems and countless glitches, but finally realized that you had been bamboozled … Continue reading

A Valley Without Wind 2 – Now available!

Developed by Arcen Games, A Valley Without Wind was originally released in the Spring of 2012 to somewhat mixed reviews.  The game had an interesting story, but some people didn’t like the graphics and the looseness of it’s procedurally generated … Continue reading