Particulars alpha version – You think you’ve got it tough? Try living in a hadron collider!

Developed by Australian based indie game studio, SeeThrough Studios, Particulars is a fascinating and intriguing mixture of both particle-based puzzle game and narrative story.  It’s actually a science based videogame, but don’t the wrong idea, it’s filled with wholesome arcade-style … Continue reading

Blooprent – a FREE particle based puzzler

Looking for a fun puzzle game experience that won’t cost you very much?  Well, look no further.  Developed by David Joslin, Blooprent is one such fun, and entirely free, puzzler that is based on getting particles from one area of … Continue reading

Liquid chemistry based physics puzzler “Bloop” available for PC

Here’s a fun little brain teaser that should please and challenge puzzle game fans for a number of hours.  Bloop is a new game developed by 2StrokeDesign which features some interesting level design that can be both relaxing and a … Continue reading

The Bridge – A Perplexing Perspective-Based Puzzle Game Now Available

The Bridge, developed by Ty Taylor and featuring art by Mario Castaneda, is yet another fine example of why I love indie games so much.  Described as a game in which “Isaac Newton meets M.C. Escher”, The Bridge is a … Continue reading

The Football Playbook: Coming to an iOS platform near you!

About a year ago I announced the release of The Football Playbook for Windows.  Well, now iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to get their paws on The Football Playbook as a free-to-play app that will offer additional … Continue reading