Spud’s Quest – Review

developed by Chris Davis I remember the days when games were less about distractions, smoke and mirrors, and slick next gen graphics, and were much more about engaging players through thoughtful gameplay and modest but charming low-res graphics… even if … Continue reading

SteamWorld Dig (3DS) – Review

SteamWorld Dig developed by Image & Form Let me start this review with it’s conclusion.  I think what we have here is proof that Nintendo needs to be more receptive to, and provide easier access for, indie developers and small … Continue reading

Megabyte Punch Available Now and On Sale for a limited time!

Megabyte Punch is now available and it’s on sale for 20% off, but only for a limited time! I’m a huge Mega Man fan, and I think anyone who loves action platformers knows what makes games like Capcom’s little blue … Continue reading

Electronic Super Joy ‘early access’ now available on Steam!

Developed by Michael Todd Games, the super sexy and extremely challenging platformer Electronic Super Joy is currently available as an early access game on Steam!  What does early access mean?  Well you’re basically buying the full game even though it’s … Continue reading

Electronic Super Joy set for release on PC, Mac, and Linux – Pre-Orders starting this Friday (June 14th)

Electronic Super Joy is coming this Friday (June 14th), when it will be available for Pre-Order.  The title alone should be enough to catch your attention.  It does sound like some form of virtual sex.  (Speaking of which, the indie … Continue reading

Starseed Pilgrim – available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux

I should start by saying that there are very few games that will pique a gamers curiosity more than Starseed Pilgrim.  In fact, Starseed Pilgrim is a game that defies definition.  It’s not that the game is complex or meant … Continue reading