Croixleur Sigma – Now Available (Steam, GamersGate, Desura, and the Humble Store)

Croixleur Sigma, formerly known simply as Croixleur, is now available on many of your favorite game distribution networks such as Steam, GamersGate, Humble Store, and Desura, to name but a few.  Published by Nyu Media, who are best known for … Continue reading

Hardcore platformer – Eryi’s Action – set for release on September 14th

Eryi’s Action is what happens when you put Mario in a tutu and turn the difficulty settings of his platforming antics all the way up to brutal.  Action games like ‘VVVVVV’ and ‘I wanna be the guy’, have made room … Continue reading

The eXceed Collection – Now Available on Steam and other services

I have to apologize for the lack of news and reviews as of late but it’s been a very busy summer, though it’s also been a relatively good summer here thankfully. So, since you obviously need yet another excuse to … Continue reading

Impressive Indie Shmup ‘ETHER VAPOR Remaster’ to be released June 29th!

Shmup fans rejoice!  There’s a new shmup on the block with gorgeous 3D graphics and fast-paced arcade style goodness.  This new shoot’em up is developed by Edelweiss, who are responsible for developing a number intense and excite Japanese Doujin shooters.  … Continue reading