Avadon 2: The Corruption set for release this Fall

Haven’t had enough turn-based, classically inspired, fantasy Role-Playing gameplay over the past few months?  Not to worry, Spiderweb Software has got you covered with a sequel to their latest RPG saga titled Avadon 2: The Corruption.  Much like the first … Continue reading

Bundle in a Box: Cerebral Bundle delivers 9 fantastic games for the thoughtful gamer!

“Pay what you want, DRM free, cross-platform, and helps charity” – I know many of you have heard that before.  The slogan belongs to the ever popular Humble Indie Bundle however, it can be applied to many other indie game … Continue reading

Kickstarter Project: Empire Eden

Ohhhh baby.  Imagine if you will, a hybrid game world of Metal Slug, Contra, Gunstar Heroes, and Turrican.  Now imagine all of those combined and then being merged with games such as Ninja Gaiden, Cave Story, Heart of Darkness, Metroid, … Continue reading

Real-Time Strategy ‘Desert Stormfront’ now available

Developed by Noble Master Games, Desert Stormfront, the spiritual successor to Tropical Stormfront, has recently been released.  If you’re a fan of modern day RTS games such as Command & Conquer, then you’ll want to check out Desert Stormfront.  This … Continue reading