Kickstarter: Project Starborn – Reengineering the Magic of the Minecraft Machine

One Game to rule them all, One Game to find them, One Game to bring them all, and in the dull glow of your LCD, LED, or (god forbid) CRT monochrome monitor, bind them.     quote by  –  Me, of … Continue reading

Rubberkid Kickstarter Project: The FREE Anti-Bullying Game For Kids

Here’s another worthwhile game being made for a worthwhile cause.  The Adventures of Rubberkid is a (hopefully) soon to be funded and fully released FREE Flash game for kids that teaches kids about the negative side effects of bullying.  The … Continue reading

2D Space MMO (A.K.A. mmoAsteroids) Kickstarter Campaign

2D Space MMO is a fresh new Massively Multiplayer Online game that is being developed by Paul Firth.  In case you haven’t figured out by the headline yet, 2D Space MMO is an Asteroid style clone with a plethora of … Continue reading

Raising awareness through Gameplay: iBeg and it’s Kickstarter project

I appreciate developers who try to create awareness by using games as a medium to reach broader audiences.  One such indie development studio, Last Pick Productions, has set out to create an RPG styled game that simulates the life of … Continue reading