The Humble Weekly Sale: Arcen Games brings with it a plethora of gameplay!

What do you get when Arcen Games is the featured Humble Weekly Bundle?  You get 6 full games and a ton of DLC content for those games, that’s what!  Not the kind of indie game studio to be caught resting … Continue reading

The Humble Weekly Spiderweb Software Sale

If you haven’t heard of Spiderweb Software then you’re probably not aware that Jeff Vogel, the man behind Spiderweb Software is one of the most prolific indie developers still standing and making the games he loves to make.  That isn’t … Continue reading

Bundle in a Box: The Capsule Computers Indie Bundle available now!

Here’s some great news.  The latest Bundle in a Box is now available and it boasts 11 great games and some unlockable extras.  Among the games on offer this time is the popular Blackwell series (all 4 of the games … Continue reading

Bundle in a Box: Cerebral Bundle delivers 9 fantastic games for the thoughtful gamer!

“Pay what you want, DRM free, cross-platform, and helps charity” – I know many of you have heard that before.  The slogan belongs to the ever popular Humble Indie Bundle however, it can be applied to many other indie game … Continue reading

Indie Developers Wanted: New Indie Dev Grant Offers Free Exposure And Chance At Free Money!

Here’s some great news for indie developers who are striving to gain some exposure and some honest-to-goodness free PR, while attempting to get their games out into the general public and noticed by more gamers.  Kyttaro Games, the fine folks … Continue reading

The Green Light Bundle – February

Although these bundles are covered by numerous gaming media sites, I think I better mention that The Green Light Bundle is back, this time with a great assortment of 9 games from various genres.  The games available this time are: … Continue reading