Redshirt – the sci-fi-comedy-life-sim is now available for pre-order and beta!

Developed by The Tiniest Shark and published by fellow indie studio Positech Games, Redshirt is a new comedy life-sim set in the future, which is all about mingling, schmoozing, and networking with fellow crew members aboard a busy space station … Continue reading

Play Gratuitous Space Battles For FREE This Weekend on Steam!

The amazing Space Strategy / Management / Pew-Pew / Boom-Boom-Die game, Gratuitous Space Battles, is absolutely FREE this weekend on Steam!  If you’re one of the unfortunate few who hasn’t played Gratuitous Space Battles (or GSB for short), then where … Continue reading


Here we have yet another indie bundle available for mass consumption.  Positech Games and MinMax Games have teamed up to offer a seven day bundle which includes two awesome indie games for one low price.  The two games up for … Continue reading

Gratuitous Tank Battles is officially released!

Gratuitous Tank Battles, the spiritual successor to Gratuitous Space Battles, has finally been released!  I had the opportunity to preview GTB during it’s Beta stages and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of features and strategic depth it contains.  This … Continue reading