Bagfull of Wrong added to Bundle in a Box: Deep Space!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Bundle for your buck, the latest Bundle in a Box: Deep Space, has added Rob Fearon’s ‘Bagfull of Wrong’ bundle.  Rob is also the developer of Death Ray Manta and you’re going … Continue reading

Bundle in a Box: Deep Space – Now Available!

The second Bundle in a Box bundle is now available to the general public.  This time the theme of the bundle is ‘Deep Space’ and it features 8 great Sci-Fi titles that everyone should pick up and play immediately.  On … Continue reading

Death Ray Manta – The DRM Game preview

The year: 1982   The game: Robotron 2084 The Original arcade classic which is also referred to today as simply ‘Robotron’.  It was the first popular arena based shooter, though not the very first of it’s kind.  Berzerk, the original … Continue reading