Uncanny Valley – The Psychological Indie Survival Horror Game

Uncanny Valley is a new survival horror adventure game being developed by Cowardly Creations, that focuses on storytelling, some mature themes, and a dark and atmospheric setting, all while providing the player with a sense of dread and an ever … Continue reading

Sky Battles – Preview

What would happen if you combined and mixed prominent gameplay elements from both Crimson Skies and Shadow of the Colossus?   You’d get Sky Battles that’s what!  Developed by Magnetic Studios, Sky Battles attempts to take fast paced arcade style air … Continue reading

Kickstarter: “World War II: TCG” – The Digital Card Game

World War II: TCG (The Card Game) is boasting to be the first multi-platform digital card game available for iOS, Android, and PC.  This Free-to-Play card game and its WWII theme will not only feature numerous single-player campaign missions, but … Continue reading

Catequesis: 8-bit Horror will scare the hell out of gamers on PC, Mac, Linux & Android this Fall

The horror game genre used to be somewhat of a niche genre but has continued to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, in large part due to indie game developers who themselves have been long-time fans of the … Continue reading

The Football Playbook: Coming to an iOS platform near you!

About a year ago I announced the release of The Football Playbook for Windows.  Well, now iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to get their paws on The Football Playbook as a free-to-play app that will offer additional … Continue reading

Raising awareness through Gameplay: iBeg and it’s Kickstarter project

I appreciate developers who try to create awareness by using games as a medium to reach broader audiences.  One such indie development studio, Last Pick Productions, has set out to create an RPG styled game that simulates the life of … Continue reading