Spud’s Quest – Review

developed by Chris Davis I remember the days when games were less about distractions, smoke and mirrors, and slick next gen graphics, and were much more about engaging players through thoughtful gameplay and modest but charming low-res graphics… even if … Continue reading

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs – Scare yourself s!&#less this September!

Dear Esther indie development studio, The Chinese Room, and Frictional Games, who are best known for Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the equally scary, but slightly lesser known, Penumbra series, have teamed up to bring you what could quite possibly … Continue reading

Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon – Freeware point-and-click adventure comedy

Possibly the only adventure game hero to take a laxative before Zero-G training, Captain Disaster is familiar with, well… disaster. In preparation for the commercial release of two additional (perhaps more) Captain Disaster games, developer Team Disaster has released Captain … Continue reading

The Last Door – new game trailer and now available in 10 different languages

The beautifully pixellated point-and-click episodic adventure / horror game The Last Door, can now be played by even more gamers than ever before.  Translated by dozens of devoted fans from the player community, The Last Door is now available in … Continue reading

Show Me The Sales – indie game summer sale extravaganza!

The showmethegames.com summer sale is here! 32 Indie PC games will be discounted for the next 7 days at indie pc gaming site www.showmethegames.com. The full list of games and their discounts is on the sales page here: http://www.showmethegames.com/sales.php Unlike … Continue reading

Driftmoon – Review

Driftmoon developed by Instant Kingdom Alright, so you bought yourself Diablo 3, yearning for another adventure through Tristram.  You played some of the game, hesitantly accepted the technical problems and countless glitches, but finally realized that you had been bamboozled … Continue reading