I-Luv-Games is a site dedicated to video games and the culture around it.

“Wait a minute…  Video Game Culture, what’s that?”  I hear you ask.

Sure, any activity that’s been around longer than a decade and isn’t simply a fad actually form some culture around it involving a community or group of people with similar interests.  Gamers who love to play games and enjoy game related discussion or reading about the latest info in gaming make up part of this culture.  Video games aren’t just some new form of entertainment though.  They’ve been around for quite some time now and for those too young to know this, they predate the internet itself.

“No!  You lie!”  I hear some of you younger readers shout in fury.

However, it is the truth.  Gamers haven’t always been able to play online with other people located almost anywhere in the world.  At one time you actually had to ask a friend or a relative if they would play a video game with you, as in they had to be sitting right next to you.  Video games have actually been around about as long as I have, and because of this, I have been able to see the many shapes and changes that video games have gone through.  Much like the human body, video games as we know it have grown and evolved due to our human nature to constantly express our creativity and inventiveness and probably because of the burning desire to advance technology at a rate that the human mind can barely keep up with it.


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Video games are special since they are one of the few forms of entertainment that require the audience to interact with them.  In other words, without interaction, the game does not exist.  On top of this, the different ways and how we interact with video games and the technology behind them, has also changed over the years.  That and the fact that video games are now not “just for kids” and have captivated the “mature” audiences as well, has allowed video games to grow into a much more dynamic source of entertainment.

Last but not least, video games entertain in much the same way that books, board games, television, and the radio do, but instead of offering just one element to entice one or two of our human senses, video games can make use of them all.  Out of all of these different forms of entertainment though, video games and the creation and development of them have been evolving over the nearly 4 decades that they have been around and there is the potential that video games will continue to evolve just as much if not more, over the next 4 decades.  The only limit to the future of these games is our imagination.

This is why I believe video games are the most interesting and enjoyable form of entertainment.

Obviously you agree.