Lilly Looking Through Demo – Out Now

Lilly Looking Through is a wonderfully animated and colorful new adventure game with gorgeous graphics and sound.  Developed by Geeta Games, a small husband and wife indie development team, Lilly Looking Through benefits greatly from the experienced team who have a background in character animation for both film and games.  This background shows even when playing Lilly Looking Through for the first time.  All of the little details in the graphics and animation bring the game world to life with richly detailed backgrounds and colourful characters.  The game looks like some of the great classics that were fully animated and developed by Sierra.  Titles such as Torin’s Passage, which was brought to life by designer Al Lowe, and it’s Lead Animator Jim Murphy, who incidentally went on to work for Disney’s Pixar.

Not only does Lilly Looking Through look pretty, it plays well and has an intuitive and easy to use control scheme.  Fans of point and click adventure games will feel right at home, but the style is much more that of Amanita Design’s popular Machinarium.  Exploration and interaction uses the simplified point and click method without the need to click on verbs or limited inventory slots.

The first area of the game is basically an introduction to the game mechanics and the lead character, Lilly.  While not an extremely difficult game, judging by playing the demo, Lilly does contain a great deal of puzzles and problem solving for adventure game fans of all ages.  Some of these puzzles are straight forward, while others might require a little extra thought or tinkering with objects onscreen.  This is one of those unique adventure games that can be grasped by all audiences and played by both adults and children, or even better, the whole family.

Lilly Looking Through is available in demo form only right now, for both PC and Mac users.  There isn’t a definitive release date that I know of yet but judging by the demo, the full game should be out within 2012 (hopefully).

Be sure to check out the trailer and enjoy the PC or Mac versions of the demo by going to the Lilly Looking Through and Geeta Games website located right here!


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