Skyborn by Dancing Dragon – Out Now!

Skyborn, by Dancing Dragon, has just been released on PC.  This classic style JRPG should appeal to all fans of the genre and perhaps fans of RPG’s in general.  The game takes place in a Victorian era steampunk setting.  The art and graphics are great for an RPG Maker title and I love the amount of detail in the backgrounds and environments.  Skyborn looks very much like some of my favorite RPG’s from the Super Nintendo right up to the Sony Playstation.  The gameplay is certainly reminiscent of the more popular classics out there but Skyborn includes enough new features to be a game that also stands out on its own.  New features such as the unique storyline, a mixture of magic meets technology, and the ability to craft and enhance apparel and items.

It looks like a classic RPG game straight out of the 16bit to 32bit era of gaming consoles.  The gameplay and visuals are also complimented by an equally good soundtrack.  I haven’t heard all of the audio tracks yet but Skyborn seems to capture the essence of other great JRPG style games including the nostalgia that comes with them.

You can download the trial version from the Dancing Dragon website.  The Trial gives players a full hour to explore and try the game out.  The Full game can be bought for $14.95 US.  Hopefully I’ll have a review of this one in the near future.  In the meantime be sure to check out the trailer and visit the Skyborn website located here.

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