The Humble “Frozen Synapse” Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle buyers rejoice!  Yet another Humble Bundle is live.  This time the bundle includes one game:  Frozen Synapse.   For those that haven’t heard of or seen Frozen Synapse yet, it’s a simultaneous turn-based strategy game with a single player campaign and a large online multiplayer component.  The online portion has no shortage of players either, which is always important, especially for an indie game with online play.  Normally Frozen Synapse sells for $24.99 by itself, but buying it through The Humble Bundle offer you can pay what you want!  Best of all, you get a second key for the game which you can give to a friend or a family member.  That’s 2 copies of the game for whatever price you wish!  Keep reading to learn about the big bonus with this bundle.

However, if you beat the average price (which is currently just under $5.00 US) you’ll also receive The Humble FrozenByte Bundle, which includes Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Splot (Pre-Order Bonus), and Jack Claw (A Prototype game bonus).  That’s a lot of gaming goodness for a low, low price.

Remember that you money can be dispersed in any way you like between developers and charity.  It’s for a good cause so be kind and give what you can.

You can check out this latest Bundle by heading on over to The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle site.


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