Browser based RPG – “Misfortune”

It’s pretty amazing how far web browser games have come.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m blown away by how detailed these games are becoming.  Browser based games are no longer limited to being dumbed down versions of larger games.  You’ll find Puzzle games, Action platformers, Point-and-Click Adventures, Bullet-Hell Shmups, and even fully fleshed out Role-Playing Games.

Not all of these browser games are equal in quality mind you.  Some, like the recent Wonderputt, that I enjoyed and also reviewed, show just how great a browser based game can be when given lots of spit and polish.  Though the gameplay was straight forward the presentation was excellent.

Misfortune, developed by Loadingames, happens to be another one of those titles that shares similarities in quality with high production values, excellent presentation, and fairly straight forward gameplay.  Unlike Wonderputt though, Misfortune is a full fledged RPG with a lot of that same polish and extra level of care.  (Click these images below!)


From the newsletter:

Misfortune is a steampunk RPG browser
game. In the game you follow the protagonist, as he finds himself marooned on an unfamiliar island, in a strange and violent town called Rodnia.
The game is intended to be a “casual” RPG, to be played for 20-30 minutes at a time. However, unlike many other casual RPG games, the main emphasis of Misfortune is the plot. As the game progresses, acomplex story unfolds, including multiple plot-lines that intertwine together.
The entire game is hand drawn by a children’s book illustrator, which gives it a unique appearance.

I have only played it for a few minutes thus far, but my first impressions definitely leave me wanting to explore the game and it’s story even further.  The graphics and art are definitely professionally done while the music is ambient and subtle, but also suitable.  It’s played from a first person perspective and feels very much like the classic Bard’s Tale and Eye of the Beholder series of games, only it has a very unique story that doesn’t copy the standard D&D setting or script.

Here’s an amusing quote straight from the game’s website:

In ‘Misfortune’ you find yourself alone in a strange city, struggling to survive. Collect exotic items, combat mysterious monsters, save people in danger… Oh, you’ve already done all that before? Well, if this for some strange reason isn’t enough for you, you can also solve murder mysteries, unite lovers, get into a cursing match with a parrot and discover strange and unbelievable truths about the town of Rodnia.

Some interesting stuff to be sure.  Misfortune definitely has it’s own distinct look, feel, and style even though it shares mechanics and other similarities with classic first person RPG’s.  It isn’t very difficult to get into either and from what I’ve played so far it feels like it could be played by Casual gamers but also appreciated by Hardcore gamers for it’s classic first person RPG feel.

The game is still in the Beta stages while the developers at Loadingames work out the bugs and kinks.  You can still play the game though by signing-up and creating an account at the Misfortune website.

I’m looking forward to diving back into the game and exploring the game more deeply.  So hopefully I’ll have a full review of the game in the not-so-distant-future.

You can check out and play the current Beta version of Misfortune by going to the Loadingames website over here.

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