New Release – Six Gun Saga by Cryptic Comet

Howdy Pardner!

If you’re like me and you love some good ol’fashioned turn based strategy occasionally mixed into your gaming, then you’ll be happy to know that Cryptic Comet has released their latest Turn Based Strategy Game titled Six Gun Saga.   It’s not your typical strategy game though, this little dawgie is set in the Wild West!  <Spittooooon!>  (I actually made the sound effect of a spittoon, with my mouth, while writing this – god help us all!)

Cryptic Comet is known for making Turn Based Strategy Games, such as their flagship game set in a post apocalyptic world titled Armageddon Empires, and the darker but uniquely satisfying Solium Infernum as well.  We’re talking about games that can keep you coming back for months, not just hours.  There is a tremendous amount of depth and atmosphere to each game, and Six Gun Saga seems to be just as intriguing.

Some features:

“Six Gun Saga is a turn based strategy game set in the Wild West.  Players assume the role of one of seven Bosses vying for control of a fictitious no-name town.

It’s All About The Choices…..

The Good Ones…..
Hire the meanest and toughest dudes to fight your battles.

The Bad Ones….
Keep you books balanced by cashing in cards that you would really like to use another way.

And The Ugly Ones…..
Send your posses out to claim Victory Points from story cards that seem hopeless without an ace (or two) in the hole.”

There’s a demo available for all you wood-be, womp’em, stomp’em, shit-kickin, cowboys (or cowgirls) out there!  I haven’t given the game a try yet but with a little luck I’ll be able to rustle up a review in the not so distant future.  Be sure to check out Six Gun Saga and the Cryptic Comet website by following this trail right here!

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