How King of Fighters defeated Street Fighter

A short look at two great fighting franchises and their newest iterations – one of which has gotten better with age, and the other slowly dying from the inside.  Who comes out on top?

King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore presents

Release date:  Aug. 23, 2016


■ 50 Playable Characters

■ Story Mode
The King of Fighters series’ storyline has been continuing over the Orochi, Nests, and Ash story arcs. The King of Fighters‘ rich story has NOT finished, and returns in a brand new exciting arc with The King of Fighters XIV!

■ System

The King of Fighters’s traditional game system is back!

Select your favorite 3 fighters from the game’s gorgeous character roster, and fight to victory via The King of Fighters‘s traditional and most praised “3-on-3 Team Battle” game system!

■ Moves
Climax Cancel

Ultimate combos!

The combination system has evolved in The King of Fighters XIV, allowing players to strike up to three Super Special Moves in the same combination for astonishing damage!

■ New MAX Mode
The King of Fighters series’ emblematic MAX Mode returns in The King of Fighters XIV with significant improvements! Activating the MAX Mode gives access to EX Special Moves for unlimited combo and damage possibilities!

■ Rush

A new feature that can be enjoyed even by newbies.

The newly introduced “Rush” feature allows even novice players to perform combos by mashing the square button!

■ Game Mode
A plethora of game modes!

The King of Fighters XIV features a large variety of game modes such as Story Mode, VS Mode, and a Gallery Mode for the best King of Fighters experience ever.

■ Online

■ Party Battle

A new fighting game experience.

Duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online “Party Battle”! Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience via PlayStation Network!

■ Online Training

Learn techniques from the best players!

Low experienced players can learn how to become stronger with master players via the “Online Training” feature! Both players can communicate with each other with the common goal of strengthening the disciple!


Street Fighter V

CrapCom presents!

CrapCom presents!

Release date:  Feb. 16, 2016


■  One of the best looking Incomplete gaming experiences you shouldn’t buy!

■  Only 16 Playable Characters at launch –

other characters will be held hostage behind a pay-wall for the next year and a half!  Until they release Street Fighter V – Hyper Ultra Mega edition

■  2 Game modes – “Story” mode and Online modes (ranked and unranked) woohoo!

■  Training mode and a glorified tutorial called Challenge mode

■  Piecemeal features and gameplay – an additional Story mode was added more than 4 months after release!  Extra characters, with lots and lots of micro-transactions or the option to license an over-priced Season pass!

■  Nerfed characters!  Zangief, Bison, Ibuki, Vega, Alex, and Balrog!

Did you enjoy playing as Zangief or Ibuki?  Well now you can forget about it!

■  Online rankings that still doesn’t work properly to this day!

■  Shoddy online play!  Netcode still stinks where players are losing connection from one-another – 7 months after release!

■  Everyone rage quits – even the top players!  Now that’s fun!

*And the winner is*


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