Rack N Ruin coming to PS4 tomorrow (March 31st) on PSN!

Care for a bit of carnage and destruction?  Rack N Ruin has got you covered this March 31st (tomorrow), when it lands on PSN for the PS4!  This top-down action adventure let’s you play as Rack, a petite but powerful demon wizard with a talent for destroying entire worlds with the flick of his wrist or the snap of his fingers.  As a champion of the demon lord, he serves Ruin, his dark master.  Rack would destroy everything and everyone in his way rather than conquer and enslave the pitiful creatures he encounters.  This upsets Ruin, who would rather rule over the weak and helpless beings of the universe.  Finally, for not heeding his master’s wishes, Rack is banished teleported to the last living, peaceful world in the universe.  Drained of most of his destructive power, Rack is instructed to conquer this world for his master or perish along the way.  Rack on the other hand, has a different set of plans.

Rack N Ruin is a top-down action hack n slash adventure similar to Diablo, Deathspank, and perhaps the old Dungeon Explorer games (remember the Turbo Grfx 16?  What… No?).  Instead of being content to simply create another hack ‘n’ slash game though, the developers of Rack N Ruin, indie development studio LifeSpark, have decided to incorporate a healthy dose of bullet-hell style gameplay with magic and mayhem filling the screen at times.  The enemies are plentiful and the boss battles difficult, but Rack is able to wield powerful spells and artifacts he discovers throughout his quest.  Exploration is easy and discovering newer, more powerful items is always fun.  Even with it’s dark, rich atmosphere, Rack N Ruin is quite colorful and is suitably cartooney adventure for all ages.  The graphical style suits the setting and the gameplay very well.  Best of all, this PSN title for the PS4 boasts a 10 hour campaign that will surely satiate your hunger for action / hack ‘n slash with somewhat unique bullet hell mechanics and frantic battles.Be sure to check out the Playstation Blog for additional info and updates regarding the impending release of Rack N Ruin on March 31st!  You can also follow the Rack N Ruin twitter feed for frequent updates.

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