TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio – out now!

If you’re a fan of visual novel’s and if you’ve ever wanted to make a visual novel, then now is the perfect time to get started.  TyranoBuilder is a powerful but easy to use visual novel builder.  In fact, I was very surprised at how easy it is to get started on a project.  The visual editor uses a fairly comprehensive ‘WYSIWYG’ style toolset.  Even an amateur wannabe developer could whip up a short set of story scenes in minutes.  This is by far one of the most user friendly development tools I’ve played around with and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a plethora of new Visual Novels pop up on gaming sites simply because this software is so user-friendly.  It also allows experienced users to do their own scripting using the built in TyranoScript so that developers can create more advanced style novels.  On top of providing a streamlined set of tools and an easy to use editor, TyranoBuilder provides multi-platform development of Visual Novels for Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android / HTML5 / CSS3, right out of the box!  Last but not least, and one of my favorite aspects of TyranoBuilder, is that it there is no License fee and there are no royalty fees of any kind!  If the above doesn’t impress you then you might be surprised that for all of the above you can get TyrandoBuilder on Steam for a very low price of only $14.99!!

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio Features:

“★ Easy & fast to Use! ★
No programming knowledge required! Fire up and start creating games immediately with TyranoBuilder’s simple and intuitive drag & drop interface!

★ Multi-platform! ★
Create games on Windows or Mac, and export for Windows, iOS*, Android*, smartphones and tablets, or browsers!

*iOS and Android require conversion using free third party software. See the TyranoBuilder Tutorial for details.

★ Fully featured! ★
Easily add scenes, characters, dialogue, story branches, music, movies and more!

★ Powerful! Flexible! ★
Customize every aspect of your game with the included TyranoScript scripting language!

★ Outstanding Value! ★
Create and sell your own visual novels for only $14.99! Requires NO license fees or royalties of any kind! “

As I said above, if you’re into visual novels, or if you’ve ever wanted to create a visual novel, then there’s no better time to get involved.  Although TyranoBuilder is heavily geared toward creating Anime style Visual Novels it is not limited to just Anime, you could create a visual novel in any style that your imagination can conjure up.  I highly recommend this simple but effective piece of development software for both amateurs and experts!  If any of this interests you then do yourself a favor and head over to Steam to check out the TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio.

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