Kill the good guys and fry helpless chickens in Nekro!

Fans of Diablo-esque, Dungeon Keeper-esque, and Myth: The Fallen Lords-esque style games might be interested in checking out Nekro, which is available through Steam’s Early Access program.  Nekro has a dark tone and setting, but it also has it’s own dark sense of humor.  The gameplay is more about having fun and less about taking things seriously.  Players get to be the villain for a change, causing wanton violence, carnage, and destruction, all while summoning demons and gathering blood in order to increase and replenish your power.

When originally released as part of Early Access, Nekro had a nice bite-sized bit of gameplay that gave gamers a taste of what’s in store.  The good news is Nekro has also received a rather large update which includes a number of extra goodies such as new levels, an additional boss, extra content, and additional tweaks and balancing to the gameplay.  I hadn’t played Nekro since it was first released on Early Access, but after spending some time with the updated version, I’m pleased to see that the gameplay has been tightened and improved, the interface has been updated, and the rest of the game is coming together nicely.

What is Nekro:

  • Upgradable Nekromancers: Choose between powerful Nekro specializations!
  • Customizable Summons: Customize minions and create the perfect demonic army!
  • Unlockable Skills: Harvest corpses to strengthen your unholy followers!
  • Trinkets: Equip powerful items to truly specialize your Nekro!
  • Levels to Explore and Dominate:Watch as limbs snap, blood permanently stains the battlefield and bodies explode with Nekro’s unique Chaos System!
  • Original Soundtrack: Over 20 blood-pumping music tracks!

What you’ll find in the most recent update:

  • 2 New Levels: Fight against waves of enemies in the Bootcamp Holdout to call forth the fearsome General Tso – Nekro’s first true multi-stage boss.
    This is one of the hardest fights in the game. You’ll have to use skill, cunning and chicken to win! These new levels can be found after the High Priest of Katheros level.
  • New Enemy – The Templar: Replacing the Townie is this upper level melee unit the Templar. He has huge range as well as a massive health pool. He stun locks targets in close range so it’s advised to not take him in melee combat.
  • New Boss – General Tso: This massive enemy wields an even more massive sword. Despite him being a melee unit, this enemy has such long range he can hit a target from half way across the map. Dealing enough damage to him in a row will snap his sword in two, cutting his damage and his range in half!
  • New Trap – Spike Pit: The spike pit is a touch-based trap that deals huge damage. It’s very easy to avoid, but don’t get knocked into it!
  • New Trap – Training Dummy: Use a Scourge on this trap to activate the trap, causing it to smash any unit around it. Though it deals only medium damage, this trap is great for zone control and combos nicely with the Spike Pit Trap.
  • New Environmental Hazard – Cactus: Easy to avoid, but don’t stand too close or you’ll get a butt full of spines.
  • New Control Scheme – Left Click to Move: Diablo fans will find this control set up very familiar as it utilizes click-and-hold mechanics to move your Nekro, no longer requiring the keyboard to move. Find this setting in the Gameplay tab of the options menu.
  • New Music: We have 3 new music tracks each almost 10 minutes long!! They are themed to metal bands like Dragonforce and Wolf and have 8-bit breakdowns inspired by games like Megaman, so be sure to turn up the volume!

If you’re a fan of top-down isometric Action, RPG, and Strategy type games then be sure to check out Nekro over on it’s Steam Early Access page.


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