Forward to the Sky – The indie Zelda-like that requires your support

The passionate people behind Indie development studio Magichnology, who are industry veterans based out of Taiwan, are well on their way developing an extremely slick looking Zelda-like titled Forward to the Sky or FttS.  The game won’t just be a simple Zelda clone, but will involve numerous elements of sword swiping action, adventure, puzzle solving, and platforming.  The team behind the game are looking for a little bit of funding through the Forward to the Sky indiegogo campaign.  Unlike some of the overinflated (and in many cases unreasonable) funding goals found in recent Kickstarter campaigns, the devs of FttS are only looking for a modest $3000 in order acquire additional art assets in order to finish their project.  With just over two weeks left in the funding campaign they are almost 1/3rd of the way to their funding goal.  I’m personally hoping that this campaign succeeds because the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms have been missing good Zelda-like games as of late.

The gameplay reminds me quite of a bit of some of my favorite N64 and Playstation 2 games such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Super Mario 64, and Dark Cloud 1 & 2.  The game also has some Anime inspiration surrounding it, which reminds me quite a bit of the games released during Playstation 2 era (which was also the most popular console era to date).  Forward to the Sky also boasts some impressive animation.  Obviously the game is incomplete, but judging by the trailer and screenshots below, it’s shaping up to be quite the colorful adventure.










If you’re impressed by what you see then be sure to head over to the Forward to the Sky indiegogo funding campaign page where you can help bring this sharp looking action / adventure to life.  For the modest contribution of $7 US, you’ll receive a full DRM-free digital copy of the game once it’s released.  You may even increase your contribution in order to obtain bonus perks such as the game soundtrack and collectors booklet (in pdf format) which includes original artwork and some background on the game development.

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