The Humble Weekly Sale: Arcen Games brings with it a plethora of gameplay!

What do you get when Arcen Games is the featured Humble Weekly Bundle?  You get 6 full games and a ton of DLC content for those games, that’s what!  Not the kind of indie game studio to be caught resting on their laurels, Arcen Games has put together it’s entire indie game library for this bundle.  The games inside span quite a few genres including Strategy, Puzzle, Action / Adventure / RPG, Survival, and even a God-Sim.

In this bundle you’ll get the awesome AI War: Fleet Command, a game which I reviewed some time ago, and you’ll receive all 5 of the DLC packs that go with it.  You’ll also get to explore the procedurally generated worlds of side-scrolling action / rpg A Valley WIthout Wind 1 & 2, and the slick looking mind-bender of a puzzle game, Tidalis.  All for the low price of Pay What You Want.  Beat the average however, and you’ll also get your hands on Arcen Games latest titles, the survival horror sim Shattered Haven, and their most recent release, the God-Sim style game, Skyward Collapse and it’s brand new Japanese themed expansion pack, Nihon No Mura.

As with most Humble Bundle offerings, the Arcen Bundle includes multi-platform versions of their games for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Each title comes with a DRM free download and even a set of Steam keys.  Head over to the Humble Weekly Sale and pick up these games while you have the chance.

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