Redshirt – the sci-fi-comedy-life-sim is now available for pre-order and beta!

Developed by The Tiniest Shark and published by fellow indie studio Positech Games, Redshirt is a new comedy life-sim set in the future, which is all about mingling, schmoozing, and networking with fellow crew members aboard a busy space station through it’s vast social network.  This is a unique simulation that both embraces and pokes fun at social networking and the culture we know, love, and sometimes hate, in a futuristic sci-fi setting.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try Redshirt out yet, but I love the idea, and it certainly looks and sounds like a lot of fun.  Once you watch the high-quality Redshirt trailer I think you’ll agree.

Although The Tiniest Shark is a fairly new indie studio, that many gamers still haven’t heard of (I’m sure this will change with the release of Redshirt), they are being backed by one of the UK’s longest running, and very popular indie game studios, Positech Games.  The same one-man team (with a bit of help from contract artists), Positech is responsible for a great many well known and successful indie titles such as Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy, and the Kudos series of games.  This is a big release for The Tiniest Shark, but based on everything I’ve seen and read about Redshirt, this looks like the type of game that any gamer can jump into, and one that even newcomers or casual gamers alike, can pick-up, play and enjoy.

Redshirt is currently available for pre-order, and by doing so, you’ll get instant access to the latest Beta version, including all future updates.  Redshirt will also be available on Steam.  Any customers who pre-order the game through the official Redshirt website will receive a Steam key for use upon the final release of the game.  After many months of plugging away, The Tiniest Shark and Positech Games are set to release the full game (hopefully) some time during September.  Learn more by heading over to Positech Games or the Redshirt website where you can also pre-order the game today.  You might also want to follow the latest development news and updates which you’ll find over at The Tiniest Shark’s development blog.

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