Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs – Scare yourself s!&#less this September!

Dear Esther indie development studio, The Chinese Room, and Frictional Games, who are best known for Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the equally scary, but slightly lesser known, Penumbra series, have teamed up to bring you what could quite possibly be the scariest game to come out this year, and perhaps even the next few years.  Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is slated for release on September 10th, which should provide plenty of sleepless nights more than a full month before Halloween even gets here.

If you’re afraid of the dark and you scare easily, or simply can’t stomach intense thrillers and psychological horrors, then I suggest you discontinue reading right now.  Those of you who  still proudly wear your adult diapers after having made your way through the first Amnesia game brace yourself, and get ready to delve back into the horror with cold sweats, scream inducing jump scares, and the kind of fear that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand.  Prepare to make an early appointment with your vascular specialist.  To the few gamers that are not yet acquainted, but are still curious about the games in this series, Amnesia has been labelled as one of the scariest games in the history of gaming!  Keep reading and be sure to watch the entire trailer below to find out why.

I love a good horror game, particularly the type of horror game that invokes fear of the unseen and the unknown.  I’ve always felt that true dread can be caused by simple things, such as the dark things that go bump in the night, things you know are dangerous, but things that can’t always see… until it’s too late of course.  Amnesia: The Dark Descent was this type of game.  It’s a game that leaves the player feeling completely alone and entirely vulnerable, especially due to the fact that the protagonist has no way of fighting back.  The only thing a helpless hero can do is run, hide, and hope that the horror passes.  But then, even when you think you’re safe, you really aren’t.  Frictional games was able to deliver this feeling of dread and terror by creating a dark, but extremely rich atmosphere, and merged it with a well crafted tale, while enveloping the player in intense and terrifying gameplay.

You need no prior knowledge of Amnesia: The Dark Descent to enjoy A Machine For Pigs, but it’s certainly recommended that you play it before hand.  You can pre-order Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs through Steam and a number of other popular gaming portals.  Be sure to visit the Official website for additional game info where you’ll also find an older, but equally frightening, game trailer!  Prepare to be scared s#!tless on September 10th!

Edit:  I almost forgot to mention that if you pre-order Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs now you’ll be saving yourself 20% per cent off!  So don’t hesitate!

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