Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura Expansion Beta Pre-order

One of the things that I love about Arcen Games is the diversity of game genres within the roster of titles they’ve released.  Whether it’s a huge strategy game set in space, an action adventure platformer with RPG elements, survival horror strategy, or a gem drop / tetris style puzzle game with a twist, Arcen Games has been able to deliver an entertaining experience on all fronts.  Their most recent game Skyward Collapse, has you playing the role of the creator in a god-game and turn-based strategy overseeing a boardgame-like world.

You can create, but cannot control, a number of  gods, artifacts, monsters and other creatures from both Greek and Norse Mythology.  All of this while trying to keep a tight balance among the humans by preventing them from wiping each other out completely.

As if the gameplay in Skyward Collapse wasn’t deep enough though, Arcen Games has decided to enhance the game with a unique new Japanese faction that will mix-up the gameplay and introduce numerous new features, units, and abilities.  Nihon no Mura is the title of Arcen Games newest expansion pack for Skyward Collapse and it is available for pre-order on the Arcen Games website.  You still need the Skyward Collapse base game (also available on Steam) in order to play the Nihon no Mura expansion, but for a limited time you can pick up the expansion for only $2.99 which is 10% off the final price.  Expect the full release by the end of this month.  Hurry up and head over to the Arcen Games website for more info and a complete list of features found in Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura.

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