Kickstarter: Plotz – A farming game with consequences

Alright all you Farmville fans, now’s your chance to help backup a more thoughtful yet challenging farm game via Kickstarter.  Plotz is this unique farm game / sim, and in it players will have to use careful planning and decision making in order to develop a successful farm that thrives financially, but also invigorates the surrounding community within the game world.  Not only will you face the forces of nature and the elements, but each choice you make can have long term affects on the quality of your crop and in turn, the effect on the community.

Plotz is being developed by Jason Whisler who is trying to get his Kickstarter campaign successfully funded in order to finish development and release Plotz as a fully realised and full featured Farming game.  Curious gamers can check out the playable demo which is already available to the general public.  If you enjoy the game then be sure to back it on Kickstarter.  Watch the video below and keep reading for more info.

“You play as a local farmer trying to maintain a successful and sustainable farm. To do so, you’ll have to make lots of decisions such as:

  • Types and quantities of plants to grow
  • What type of soil to place plants in
  • How to deal with unexpected extremes in weather
  • Do you use chemical products or keep things organic
  • When do you need to plant to ensure your harvest will be at the best time
  • How to manage soil fertility over the season
  • What type of business model you should use
  • Who will you sell goods to

Plotz encourages thoughtful planning, adaptation, and experimentation. There’s no one right way to run your farm, as you’ll choose your own long term goals. You might want to grow your farm as large as possible, make a ton of money, or specialize in the highest quality products.”

If you like what you see and want to learn more then please be sure to head over to the Plotz Kickstarter page for more detailed information and a list of all the additional features that will be added if Plotz is successfully Kickstarted.

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