Megabyte Punch Available Now and On Sale for a limited time!

Megabyte Punch is now available and it’s on sale for 20% off, but only for a limited time!

I’m a huge Mega Man fan, and I think anyone who loves action platformers knows what makes games like Capcom’s little blue bomber so much fun.  Megabyte Punch clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the Mega Man series, but the influences don’t stop there.  Gameplay elements from Super Smash Bros. and Custom Robo are also present, not only giving players a grand adventure and interesting world to play through, but also the use of new powers and abilities that are acquired by defeating enemy bots and by utilizing new parts and upgrades.

In Megabyte Punch you’ll pick up numerous new body parts such as gun arms that will allow you to blast through enemies and obstacles littered around the environments, or a set of thrusters that can be attached to your legs which will allow you to run and jump faster and farther.  There are over 150 parts to collect and numerous customizable combinations to play with.  Finally, if you’ve got a few friends or family members hanging around, then you can take a break from the single player story and duke it out in a fast-paced and frenzied co-op mode or competitive multiplayer battle.

Megabyte Punch features its own unique aesthetic with a super chunky graphic art style and an excellent neo-retro chiptune induced soundtrack.  The gameplay is silky smooth and offers great control whether you’re using the keyboard or a gamepad.  Megabyte Punch gives gamers a sizable story mode with 6 worlds comprised of 3 stages per world and some exciting boss battles that become increasingly demanding, but are loads of fun to beat.

If you’re a fan of action platformers or you’re a fan of games like Mega Man then you’ll definitely enjoy Megabyte Punch which also  contains a hint of Metroid-vania style gameplay and exploration.  I suggest you go to the Megabyte Punch website where you can purchase the full game in its standard version or its special edition features a number of additional custom levels.  Both versions are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and for the next 3 days, you’ll be able to buy both versions of the game through the Humble Store at 20% off the regular price!  Alternatively, you can also pick buy Megabyte Punch through GamersGate and Desura.

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