Black Annex: indie strategy game in the spirit of Syndicate

Who remembers Syndicate or Syndicate Wars?  I can just hear your hands rising in unison.  Well there have been very few games to actually capture the atmosphere or brilliance in its strategic gameplay.  I mean looking back, Syndicate is a somewhat simple game by today’s standards, but it certainly was and still is, deep enough to fulfill the void that other strategy games simply could not capture.

Very few games have been able to capture the look and feel of Syndicate.   Black Annex developer, Lance McDonald (Man Fight Dragon), hopes to change this by creating a brilliant new indie strategy game in the spirit of Syndicate written in QBasic no less!

I simply can’t wait for this game to be released.  The above trailer should make any fan of the Syndicate games giddy and as anxious for it’s release as I am.  I love the look of the game so far and the music definitely has me pumped up.

Black Annex Features:

  • An isometric action-fest with a twist of deception and espionage!
  • A huge array of missions spanning multiple corporate locations!
  • Collect enemy agents during missions to add to your team!
  • Discover hidden, unique agents by completing optional tasks!
  • Explore “Black Annex” with your persona agent and keep business running smoothly!
  • Upgrade weapon and deception abilities over time to further breach target corporations!
  • “Rebuild” completed missions indefinitely until you’ve collected all the agents and assets!

You can learn more about the game by heading over to the Black Annex website.  You might also want to follow the development blog, and be sure to up-vote Black Annex on Steam Greenlight if you like what you see!

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