Post-Apocalyptic survival action / adventure game “Shattered Haven” released by Arcen Games

I don’t know what it is that I love about dark games with a bleak, dismal, and desolate themes and settings.  The lonely atmosphere and dreary outlook make for great entertainment.  When it comes to imagining the times and situations that these games take place in, I certainly wouldn’t want any part of them in real life.  But the gamer in me sure does love to visit these worlds that will hopefully remain a work of fiction for a long, long time to come.  It’s probably the inner wannabe hero in me that finds this type of survival fantasy so appealing.  Life in these games is depressing, the problems and situations presented usually involve interesting solutions that emphasize using ones own survival instincts.  These games can be a lot of fun when done right, and by the sounds of it Shattered Haven looks and sounds like it could be just the game for fans of the survival, action / adventure, and problem solving genre.

Arcen Games, the creative studio behind A.I. War: Fleet Command, Tidalis, and A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2, have been busy creating this latest action survival puzzle game.  The game has a retro look with a somewhat JRPG aesthetic to it, but the gameplay doesn’t look quite like anything I’ve played before.  I’ve yet to try the game out but I really do like the story, atmosphere and the overall vibe that the trailer gives off.

From the press release:

Grays roam the land, largely in the absence of human interference.  These aren’t your typical Zed — theirs is a very different sort of apocalypse. Animals spontaneously transform into twisted, violent beings.  The earth decays, collapsing into a network of abysses.  The wilderness thickens.
It has been nine years since That Day when it all started.  Pockets of humanity still exist, but are ignorant of one another.  Within these isolated havens people try to live as best they can — for even in a world so broken and dark, daily life must go on.
Darrell and Mary Williams were able to build such a life inside a five-acre fenced yard out in the country.  They were even secure enough in their isolated compound that they had a daughter five years after the zombie-like grays appeared.
Life carried on as normally as it could, until another refugee on the run is killed during a nearby attack. Her son is saved and taken in by the Williamses — who do not realize that this kind action will destroy their home and threaten their entire family.  They find themselves caught in the midst of a struggle between two eldritch horrors, and the path to survival is anything but clear.
Key Features
  • A 2D action adventure game where you solve environmental puzzles under duress. Figure out how to use various tools, traps, and weapons in each level to clear all the Grays lurking about.
  • Nearly 100 hand-crafted levels with multiple difficulty levels ranging between casual and hardcore, developed end to end by two experienced adventure level designers.
  • Complete bonus objectives for higher scores and gold markers.
  • Follow the story of Darrell and Mary as they try to save their family from a new and unexpected threat through in-game storytelling and painted-style cutscenes.
  • Guide different members of the Williams family through branching story paths that result in one of several endings.  Depending on your actions, the story may end very poorly, happily, or anywhere in between.
  • Music and sound by composer Pablo Vega provides a chilling atmosphere for players to experience.
  • Included level editor:  The same editor used to make the main adventure will let you make your own levels, cutscenes, or even entire adventures.
  • Local 2-player co-op.  Using two gamepads, two players on the keyboard, or any combination of the above.

Shattered Haven is available now on PC and Mac.  You can pick the game up on Steam, GOG, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, or directly from the Arcen Games store.  To celebrate the release, the game is on sale for 25% off until Friday, March 29th.  Hurry up and check it out!

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