Play Gratuitous Space Battles For FREE This Weekend on Steam!

The amazing Space Strategy / Management / Pew-Pew / Boom-Boom-Die game, Gratuitous Space Battles, is absolutely FREE this weekend on Steam!  If you’re one of the unfortunate few who hasn’t played Gratuitous Space Battles (or GSB for short), then where the hell have you been???  In promoting their most recent Downloadable Content pack for GSB called “The Outcasts”, Positech Games – who are also well known for their other strategy / simulator games such as Kudos 1 and 2, Democracy 1 and 2, and the more recently released Gratuitous Tank Battles, are allowing people to play the full game of Gratuitous Space Battles absolutely free for a limited time.

GSB was originally released back in 2009 (hmmm… that means it’s almost ready to appear on or Good Old Games), and since then, millions upon millions of starships, frigates, and fighters have battled and been destroyed in the deepest and darkest reaches of space.  There’s a reason for this and that reason is because GSB is very much like child’s play.  Yes there is a tactical element to the gameplay, but GSB is also a lot like a Sandbox experience for gamers who just want to see spaceships blowing the crap out of each other.  The gameplay is a lot like playing with your old Star Wars and Star Trek toys and re-imagining all of the great space battles that didn’t happen but should have happened in the movies or television shows.

During this promotion Gratuitous Space Battles will also be on-sale through Steam for probably the lowest price I’ve ever seen it at!  That also includes the older downloadable content which is selling for a mere fraction of the original price.  The base game sells for $3.74US, but for a dollar ($1.00) more you can pick up the complete GSB game pack which includes 6 additional DLC packages.  That’s hours upon hours of gameplay for about the cost of a coffee and donut!  Head over to the Steam website, try out the full game for free, and if you don’t already own the game then purchase it while you still can!  Any self respecting gamer or sci-fi fan would be foolish not to.  The Free to Play offer is up until Sunday, February 24th, but the sale will last right up until Monday, February 25th and it’s also available for both PC and Mac users.

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