A Valley Without Wind 2 – Now available!

Developed by Arcen Games, A Valley Without Wind was originally released in the Spring of 2012 to somewhat mixed reviews.  The game had an interesting story, but some people didn’t like the graphics and the looseness of it’s procedurally generated world.  Now with a massive content update and a touch-up of it’s graphics and overall aesthetics, A Valley Without Wind 2 has been released.  For those unfamiliar with A Valley Without Wind, it’s a side scrolling action / adventure / RPG that feels like it’s straight out of the glory days of the 16 bit era and boasts a variety of gameplay mechanics from multiple genres.

This time around A Valley Without Wind 2 will feature Platforming and Turn-Based Strategy coupled together.  This unique blend makes for an interesting and entertaining new game.  Owners of A Valley Without Wind have full access to A Valley Without Wind 2 – at no extra cost!  With that said, if you buy A Valley Without Wind 2, either through Arcen Games website, Gamersgate, or Steam, you’ll also get the original A Valley Without Wind included.  That means you’re getting 2 games for the price of 1.  Also, during the first week of it’s release, A Valley Without Wind 2 is 25% off on Steam and Gamersgate, so be sure to buy it now before the sale ends!



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  25. KU-bik napsal:Ine Kafe jsou sqvÄ›lý. ten článek je výstižný. V Incheba ArenÄ› to muselo být super , tam byl jen brácha…. Mají dobré texty, hudba atd…. Doporučuju : new písnička..Keby prachy z neba padali

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