Binary Boy: An Arithmetical Dodging Game

Here’s a neat little game that anyone can try.  Binary Boy, developed by Jared Johnson, Data Fidelity,is a 2D side-scrolling “dodging” game.  The main character walks on a line and must dodge incoming hazards, enemies, and even bosses, by flipping themselves above and below the line.  It’s a straight forward set of rules that actually work quite well.  The mechanics are very simple, but the gameplay requires quick thinking and good reflexes.

Binary Boy is a short fun game with five distinct levels.  It’s easy to see that some of the inspiration for Binary Boy came from games like VVVVVV, and Proun, however, Jared says that some sections were also inspired by the moving walls found in Super Mario World’s cave levels.  Binary Boy can be played online in your browser, but you can also download the game and run it directly off your PC.  Head over to the Binary Boy website to play this relatively short, but excellent little game!

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