Driftmoon – Official Release Date Announced!

If you’ve been following the development of Driftmoon and eagerly awaiting the full release as much as I have, then I have some great news!  The wait is nearly over and after almost 3 years of development, Driftmoon developer Instant Kingdom has announced that the full game will be available on February 26, 2013.

Not only can you buy Driftmoon from Instant Kingom’s website, you now have the option of purchasing it from a selection of major distribution sites such as GamersGate, also Desura, and it will even be available on the awesome classic gaming revival site, GOG.com!

A playable demo was made available some months ago, but Instant Kingdom has been working tirelessly updating the game, adding new features and enhancements, eliminating bugs and glitches, and even giving the game a slight graphical overhaul.

The most recent version of the Driftmoon demo available for download showcases the all new isometric point of view. Meanwhile, not wanting to take anything way from the game, players will still be able to switch between the new view and the classic top down view with the press of a button.  The demo also shows off the Driftmoon mod editor which is included with every copy of Driftmoon, allowing curious and creative gamers to develop their very own unique stories and adventures with a few clicks of the mouse button and very little effort. You can even try out other peoples mods or distribute your own directly through the Driftmoon main menu.

If that wasn’t enough, players can redeem a 20% off discount code from within the Driftmoon demo which can be used at any time in the future, even after the full game is released!  However, you must obtain the discount code before the Official release date though, because new codes will no longer be made available once the full game is released.  I recommend you download and try the game out now and at the very least, store that discount code for a future date if necessary!

If you love Action / Adventure / RPG style games with lots of charm and an engrossing story, then you should not hesitate to pick up the demo, though I could easily recommend buying the game.  In keeping with the spirit of recent Indie Developments, Instant Kingdom is also donating 15% of all profits to the Red Cross charity.

Be sure to up-vote Driftmoon on Steam Greenlight, as it would make an excellent addition to the Steam Storefront!

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