Kickstarter Project – Antharion: A Faithful Old-School Isometric RPG

Get out your swords, dust off your spell books, and prepare your party, the world of Antharion awaits.  Developed by Orphic Software, Antharion combines classic RPG elements, is played from a top-down isometric view, features strategic turn-based combat, and in depth character customization and development.  Much like Pool of Radiance, Ultima, and Wizardry before it, Antharion continues the tradition of AD&D style gameplay.

Here are just some of the features you’ll find in the fascinating world of Antharion:

  • Open World: Go anywhere and do anything in Antharion’s vast open-ended living-breathing hand crafted world.
  • Turn-Based: Antharion features a deeply satisfying tactical turn-based combat system beneath a sleek and intuitive interface.
  • Party-Based: Create and customize a party of up to 4 (race, sex, class and appearance)
  • Dynamic Lighting & Shadows: take old-school dungeon drawling into a new era
  • Epic Story: Antharion features a dark and mysterious world of magical mystery and political intrigue.
  • Meaningful Decisions: Save the kingdom and become revered or destroy it and become reviled. In Antharion your actions matter and are reflected tangibly in the world around you.
  • Freedom: The world of Antharion is fully interactive: go inside of every room of every building, open every drawer and steal any item. Explore over 100 dungeons …all at your leisure.
  • Magic: 3 schools featuring 45 unique spells.
  • No Level Scaling: Antharion does NOT scale loot or monsters.
  • Full Day/Night and Weather Cycle: Rain, snow, fog, thunder and lighting.
  • Smart AI: NPCs react intelligently to your behavior. Monsters have their own unique temperaments and combat strategies.

Be sure to head over to the Antharion Kickstarter Campaign page for more info and help support development if you love classically styled RPG’s.

Antharion will be available across multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, and iPad.  Look for a release sometime in June, 2013.

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