Bagfull of Wrong added to Bundle in a Box: Deep Space!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Bundle for your buck, the latest Bundle in a Box: Deep Space, has added Rob Fearon’s ‘Bagfull of Wrong’ bundle.  Rob is also the developer of Death Ray Manta and you’re going to love the added games in Bagfull of Wrong if you enjoy arena shooters or just shooters in general.  Also, Mac owners can enjoy the additional shooter love with Rob’s War Mac 2000 as an added bonus.

That’s almost a dozen different games in one awesome bundle!  This bundle is for everyone who considers themselves a gamer.  It’s ‘Pay What You Want’ and the games are DRM-free.

The Bagfull of Wrong contains the following games:  SYNSO (Squid Yes, Not So Octopus) and all of it’s sequels and special editions, Ambiomat, War Twat, Fish Fish Bang, and Squid And Let Die.

Bundle in a Box: Deep Space is a great bundle for those looking for some great shooters with awesome value.  Most of these games have nearly unlimited replay value and will have you coming back years after you’ve picked up and played them for the first time.  Be sure to head over to the Bundle in a Box website for more detailed info and a listing of system requirements.  Most of these games will work even on moderate PC hardware so be sure to get your bundle today before time runs out!



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