To The Moon – Available on Steam and on sale!

Have you ever wondered what life could have been like if you were given a second chance to go back in time and ‘redo’ some of your decisions?  That’s what To The Moon is about, but it is so much more as well.

Developed by freebird games, this Japanese-Style retro RPG-like story follows Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts as they give a dying elderly gentleman named Johnny, his dying wish.  To explain the story of To The Moon in any more detail would ruin it, and it is one story that is definitely worth waiting for.

Unlike many games these days, To The Moon is much more about the story and less about the gameplay.  Don’t let that frighten you though.  You will still venture out and explore, much like the classic JRPG adventure games from the 16-bit console era, and you’ll encounter a few puzzles and tasks you’ll need to complete along the way, some of which are comprised of entertaining mini-games.

Ultimately though, To The Moon is a bittersweet story about love and loss, but it also has some light hearted moments with a great sense of humor, even with it’s poignant reminder regarding our own mortality.

To The Moon has been made available on a couple of distribution sites now including and Steam.  However, you still have a couple of days to pick up To The Moon for -20% off if you purchase it through Steam before September 14th, 2012.  If you’d like to learn more then be sure to head over to the Official website for To The moon.

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