iPhone Game Pick: Aero Dog

For those interested in some new entertainment on their iPhone you needn’t look any further.  Aero Dog, developed by indie studio Tim & Snoof, is a horizontal shmup featuring a flying dog hero named Tuf.  As a laboratory dog who has been given the power to fly and spit lethal projectiles, Tuf must fight his way through hordes of zany animal enemies across numerous colorful and cartoony stages.  Tuf won’t be alone though, he’ll also enlist the help of other laboratory canine companions who also have a wide range of special abilities.

I love the colorful and humorous style within Aero Dog.  It reminds me a little bit of Parodius, a parody of the classic horizontal shmup ‘Gradius’, and the vibrant, entertaining shooter levels found in Rayman Origins.

For more info on Aero Dog be sure to head over to the Tim & Snoof website.  You can purchase Aero Dog for your iPhone from the AppStore for a measly $0.99 cents US.  That’s less than the price of a bus token, or a month old hot dog from 7-Eleven!

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