Indie Game Spotlight: The Football Playbook

The Football Playbook is a recently released indie game that will appeal to puzzle game fans, football (soccer) fans, and even the casual gamer.  Dubbed as a Digital collection of tactical puzzles, gamers must attempt to get the ball from their goalkeeper to striker, utilizing concepts such as timing, movement, and positioning.

The PC version of The Football Playbook uses a simple point and click interface making the gameplay easy to get into, while the challenge of later levels make it tough to master.  There are over 40 challenging puzzles to solve and the price of the game is affordable, even if you’re on a tight budget, ringing in at $4.99 UK GBP (approximately $7.50 USD).

Be sure to check out The Football Playbook official website where you can download the free demo and try the game out, and also purchase the game.

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