Humble Android Bundle #3

Pay-what-you-want and DRM free is back again.  As usual, all of the games are cross-platform, meaning you can play them on your android device, PC, Mac, and even Linux.  It’s the third (#3) iteration of The Humble Android Bundle.

And the games this time are… (drum roll please)…

Fieldrunners – Critically acclaimed, frantically paced, and hugely popular Tower Defense!

BIT.TRIP BEAT – A unique take on a rhythm-based PONG type game.  This isn’t your daddy’s PONG!

SpaceChem – A complex yet addictive problem-solving puzzle game.  Read my review to find out what makes it so great!

Uplink – Become an elite hacker by sneaking and forcing your way into computers with sensitive data before being caught by the authorities.  Be sure to cover your tracks!

Spirits – Available to those who pay above the current average.  Spirits, is a charming and refreshing spin on the classic Lemmings style puzzle-platformer.

Head over to the Humble Bundle website for more details on this latest bundle.  And, don’t forget, your payment helps these indie developers but also supports worthwhile charities.


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