AI War Expansion “Ancient Shadows” Beta Pre-Orders Available

AI War, the critically acclaimed RTS / 4X grand strategy developed by Arcen Games, is receiving it’s fourth expansion, giving players yet one more reason to fire up and play AI War.  After all this is one of those games that will remain in a strategy gamers library for months, if not years to come.  You can read my review explaining why I think it’s so great.

This latest expansion will introduce “Champions” which act much like hero units from other strategy games.  Players will control a huge modular ship in place of a stationary command center.  These super starships give players the ability to travel to new parts of the galaxy that cannot be reached by normal ships.  Along the way you may even encounter splinter factions of Humans, Zenith, Neinzul, and Spire.  By successfully helping a faction, Champions will gain experience and unlock new modules for their ship, and can even find larger hulls that a Champion can switch to.  If that wasn’t enough, these “offroad” scenarios will reveal more of a backstory via journal entries.

The AI War: Ancient Shadows expansion will also come with a bevy of other features that are still in the works, but will both enhance gameplay and increase replay value such as:

* Modular fortresses! (the Human-tech variant is added in this update; Zenith, Neinzul, and Spire variants to come, probably via reward from an offroad scenario)
* 9 new bonus ship classes (coming soon, not implemented yet).
* 3 core AI guard posts and one new minor faction (coming soon, not implemented yet).
* New AI types (coming soon, not implemented yet).
* New Map types (coming soon, not implemented yet).
* A large amount of new music (to be released when the expansion fully launches, you’ll need to download the final installer to get the music, it won’t be delivered via update).

For more info on the AI War: Ancient Shadows expansion head over to the Arcen Games website.  The add-on will end up costing $4.99 upon release, but for a limited time you can save 20% off by Pre-Ordering Ancient Shadows now and you’ll receive all of the future updates, right through to the finished product and beyond.  The official release date of this expansion is currently set for October, 2012.

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