The eXceed Collection – Now Available on Steam and other services

I have to apologize for the lack of news and reviews as of late but it’s been a very busy summer, though it’s also been a relatively good summer here thankfully.

So, since you obviously need yet another excuse to stay indoors and bask in the glow of your computer monitor because I’ve got news of a trio of shmups that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.  Published by Nyu-Media and developed by Tennen-sozai, this newly released collection of ‘Bullet Hell’ shooters is titled The eXceed Collection.

It’s quite the collection, especially aimed at hardcore aficionados of bullet hell shmups and anime fans.  Think Castle Shikigami meets Ikaruga, then throw in a good dose of Japanese Anime with supernatural females flying and fighting to save the world and you’ll have an idea of what’s in store.

The trilogy contains: eXceed Gun Bullet Children, eXceed 2nd Vampire REX, and eXceed 3rd – Jade Penetrate.

Don’t let the titles fool you though.  These games are exactly what the doctor ordered for any fan of bullet hell or doujin shooters.  Be prepared to dodge a lot of bullets, learn boss patterns, and strive for the highest scores.

The eXceed Collection is available through Steam, GamersGate, Gamestop, and Capcom.  You can also get more info or order the game directly through the eXceed official website.


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