RotoSchutzen – Now Available on Xbox Live Indie Games

Canadian indie game developer, Owen Deery, has just launched his new game titled RotoSchutzen on the Xbox Live Indie Games service.  Not your typical shooter, the gameplay and mechanics appear to be more along the lines of popular indie titles Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Pixel Junk Shooter.  The graphics have a colorful, sort of cell-shaded and cartoony kind of look to them, and an overall charm that is sure to please and entertain.

RotoSchutzen is available through the XBLIG Marketplace for 80 MS Points.  That’s just $1 dollar!  For that price you can’t go wrong.  For more information head over to the RotoSchutzen website.  You may also direct yourself to Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace if you’d like to purchase the game as soon as you’re done reading this.  And, for those who like to try all games before they buy them, there is also a free Trial version available as well.  I think the game description and fun looking trailer make spending the big bucks for this game a no-brainer though.  🙂

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