Indie Royale: Summer Bundle – On sale now!

Would you like to get 8 great indie games for one low price?   Of course you do.  That’s why you’re going to head over to the Indie Royale website and pick up these games for the price of a coffee and muffin.  This time you get:

Harvest: Massive Encounter – A straight forward Tower Defense game that focuses more on high scores and achievements, rather than a finishing the game – since there is no end to the game.  How long can you last against endless waves of enemy invaders?

The Journey Down, Chapter 1 – This recently re-released Point-and-Click adventure is a humorous journey with lots of puzzles and a unique story and setting for the popular adventure game genre.

Serious Sam 2 – A fast-paced First Person Shooter with creative enemies, a lot of exploration, and unique weaponry.  SS2 is a blast to play and as much fun as the original.

Gundemonium Trilogy – A series of three anime influenced shmups that are sure to scratch that bullet hell itch.  The three games included are, Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa.

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition – An Anime arena style shooter that pits players into battles with individual characters.  Featuring a wide range of weaponry and trick gameplay, this unique shooter is what you get when you cross a fighting game with a shmup.

Dinorun – A run-and-jump platformer that plays a lot like the popular indie game Canabalt.  Play the part of a speed raptor in this intense action game.

Bonus Game:  Airmech – A Free 2 Play action RTS (Real Time Strategy).  Still in it’s Beta stages, the bundle offers all bundle buyers an exclusive in-game item, the Indie Royale Companion Pet.

Head over to the Indie Royale website for more info and videos of these excellent indie games.  You won’t be disappointed.


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